Thursday, April 30, 2015

PDB Exam Questions

Bangladesh Power Development Board 
Recruitment Examination of Assistant Engineer -1999
Mechanical Engineering

Answer any six questions in English (Question No-1 is compulsory) 
1. a) what do you mean by Y2K problem? why this problem is being discussed throughout the world?
 b) What is meant by WHO, CTBT, SAARC, ME, MR, NATO, BPDB, SAPTA, UNO, SEATO,
c) Who is the secretary General of Common wealth summit? Where the common wealth was held in 1999?
d) Which team won the champion trophy in last world cup cricket final? Where the final match was held and who was the man of the match?
e) What do you mean by IPP? do you think that extensive privatization is the only way to active success in power sector? Give reason in support of your opinion.
f) Who won the novel prize from the sub continent in 1999? what was his subject ? name at least three persons also won the novel prize from the sub continent.

2. a) What is the differences between impulse and reaction Turbine?
b) Describe condenser of a steam turbine.

3. a) What is the advantages and disadvantages of two stroke and four stroke engine?
b) Draw the valve timing diagram of a four stroke cycle diesel engine.

4. a) What is acrofoil? Describe its operation with sketch.
b) What is Renolds number? What is its significant on the behavior of acrofoil?

5. a) Define fire tube and water tube boiler.
b) Compare between fire tube and water tube boiler.

6. a) What is refrigerant?
b) A refrigerant is rotated at 20 ton capacity, how many pounds of air per hour will it cool from 90 degree Fahrenheit to 70 degree Ferhenheit at constant pressure. What is the approximate engine horse power required to operate the plant?
(Assume COP=4 and CP=0.24)

7. a) Define Charles's law and Boyle's law.
b) Calculate the dia of a solid steel shaft to transmit a torque of 24,000 lb-ft with unit stress of 8000 psi.