Wednesday, August 20, 2014

parameter for pump purchase

The terms could be helpful if you know when you are going to buy a +pump. +Head It is one of the main parameter you need to know. It is expressed in terms of meter or sometimes in bar. The bar to meter can be converted by multiplying 10.
Flow or discharge: It is a measure of volume capacity of a pump. It can be expressed as GPM -+Gallon per Minute, or l/min etc.
+Pump performance curve: The diagram which explain the relationship between the head, power, efficiency, and discharge. The manufacturer will +Supply the curve. +Pipe friction loss: The friction loss is the major loss of a flowing fluid. +Pressure The force exerted on the walls of a pipe by the liquid. It is measured in PSI, barg, kgf/cm2. +Efficiency Total power output to the total power input, it is expressed as a percentage.